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Steel Tubular Swaged Light Poles

Swaged poles are manufactured from E.R.W./Welded tubes of suitable lengths swaged & joined together. No circumferential joint shall be permitted in the individual tube of poles. The longitudinal weld shall be staggered at each swaged joint. Swaging is done by hydraulic power pack unit. A circumferential weld shall be deposit at the upper end of the joint at aslope of approximately   45 poles are manufactured by us normally conform to as per IS 2713 (P-III)-1980 and special sizes poles can also be manufactured by as per customer drawings or requirements.


Earthing Arrangement:-

If Earthing arrangement is required, a bolt of 10 mm dia is welded on each pole at a height of 300 mm above the planting depth or can be provided as per Customer’s requirement.

As PER IS : 2713 (PART-II) 1980:-